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'There is no greater friend than health; no greater enemy than illness.' (Indian saying).

Ārija Bušmane's original conception for Adoria, was that it would provide a wide range of high-quality medical and beauty care services, delivered in a professional, time-conscious manner, and in a friendly, patient-focussed environment. Today, the company provides much more than quality medical and beauty care services. Each client or patient is cared for individually, and our staff strive to respect each person they come into contact with as having their own unique needs and desires. Your health is as dear to us as it is to you: that is why we take our responsibilities so seriously. The bonds of trust we develop with clients are considered vital for ensuring successful outcomes and results. Taking a genuine interest in our clients, constantly evolving, always basing decisions on the latest medical knowledge, using only state-of-the-art technologies: these are the things which ensure that we always take the most effective courses of action, and which yield only the best of all possible results.

Adoria: a team of medical and beauty care professionals, made stronger by the strength of our personalities.

Our motto: Making dreams reality!


  • HIGHLY-QUALIFIED SPECIALISTS: In addition to their daily duties, our medical and beauty care specialists regularly attend training couses and seminars (in Latvia and abroad), to increase their knowledge. A number of our specialists, working with colleagues from across the globe, actively engage in research: aiming to discover cures for disease. 
  • STAFF WITH INTER-PERSONAL SKILLS: When recruiting employees, we pay considerable attention not only to professional experience and qualifications, but to communication skills, politeness and positivity.
  • A HOMELY ENVIRONMENT: Our treatment areas and consulting rooms are furnished in such a way that clients feel as if they are in the comfort of their homes, and not in traditionally bleak, impersonal hospital surroundings.
  • EASE OF ACCESS: Our clinic's city-centre location makes it easy to reach either on foot, or by public transport. The clinic and surrounding area also have ample parking spaces. 
  • CO-OPERATION WITH OTHER CLINICS: When it is necessary, Adoria is ready and willing to work together with other medical centres and clinics to ensure the highest quality care in the shortest possible time.
  • HELP IN ACCUTE SITUATIONS: In cases where an IV-drip system is necessary, this can be done at the clinic. Thus, therapy is ensured without recourse to a hospital. If we are able to, we will provide emmergency medical services to people, whether they are our clients or not. 
  • SERVICES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: We provide medical care for the whole family. This includes children's dental services and care for pregnant woman which are in line with state health-programme requirements.
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