'Strength conquers strength, Beauty conquers all.' (Lopa De Vega).

Our word 'cosmetics' derives from the Greek 'kosmetike tekhne'('the technique of dressing or ornamenting'). A cosmetologist cares for, tends and maintains the health of the skin. Modern cosmetology offers an almost limitless range of options for maintaining skin beauty and remedying problems. It is said that every woman should have her own hairdresser, dentist and cometologist, but nowadays, men also place a high value on well-kept skin, and are willing to undergo beauty care procedures. Adoria's cosmetology centre offers a wide range of services for men and women of all ages, and employs professionals who regularly attend training courses in Latvia and abroad, to keep their skills up-to-date and stay abreast of developments in techniques and technologies. Anything they may need or desire, will be at our clients disposal.

Manicure and pedicure specialist - Laura Āboltiņa

Cosmetologists - Inguta Grinberga

                                Sintija Kronberga

                                 Everita Kupriša

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