Mesotherapy is a procedure to restore the structure of the skin, stimulate cell renewal and delay ageing and the formation of wrinkles. The skin develops a healthy appearance, tone and elasticity around neck and shoulders improves and face regains its pleasingly oval shape and loses its unaesthetic feature - the double chin. During the procedure, the skin receives a micro-injection (0.13 - 0.5 mm in depth) which administers the biologically-active substances necessary in the rejuvination process. The ammount and composition of these substances will be determined individually for each client, and will depend on both the age and condition of the skin, and various other case-specific criteria. Mesotherapy injections leave no marks upon the skin.

At the Adoria cosmetology centre, we offer clients a series of pre-treatment consultations, if mesotherapy is to be undertaken. The types of treatments and injection-courses used, will be determined on an individual basis, in order that results are both effective and exactly as desired.

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