Oxygen is essential for everyone and everything! To maintain their strength, elasticity and general good health, skin cells require continuous nourishment from oxygen. In turn, this will aid the production of active biological substances in the skin, and promote metabolism and skin cell renewal. Oxygen-based procedures entail the application of a hyaluronic acid serum to the skin, which moisturises and smoothes it and reduces fine wrinkles. It should be noted that hyaluronic acid is a natural substance, found in almost all human tissue including facial skin. The body's stock of this acid is depleted over time, causing the skin to dry and wrinkles to appear. One should consider replenishing one's hyaluronic 'stocks' with the first signs of growing old.

The professional cosmetologists at Adoria are able to help their clients find the most suitable skin- renewal procedures for themselves. Everything necessary to carry out effective oxygen-based procedures is at our cosmetologists' disposal: they can make the face, neck and shoulders (decollete) look beautiful.

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