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'Sometimes life makes us show our least to a dentist!' (Unknown.)

Beautiful, unimpaired teeth are like a mirror on our health. Unkempt, damaged teeth are not only unaesthetic, but increase the risk of developing a range of illnesses. By taking proper daily care of the teeth, they can remain healthy for many years. Rather than visiting the dentist only when one is in pain or discomfort, we recommend a mininum of at least one appointment per year (and of at least two to a dental hygienist). This should ensure possible problems are kept in check. A specialist alone can detect the smallest of changes in one's teeth, and, if taken in time, their preventative measures can avoid lengthy future treatment.

Aesthetic dentistry improves the physical appearance of the teeth through stomatology: ranging from minor adjustments (e.g.whitening) through to the full re-covering of the surface of the teeth and dentures, which results in a perfect smile and 'new' teeth. Adoria offers both general and aesthetic dental services for adults and children. We employ highly-qualified dentists, who keep their expertise up-to-date by regularly training in Latvia and abroad. Our dental surgery is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that facilitates pain-free treatment as far as is possible. Our effective dental X-ray procedures ensure fast, accurate identification of presenting problems and their causes, and allow treatment to be initiated without delay. Each patient is given a personalized treatment-plan, catering to his or her specific requirements.

General dentistry services include:

  • Therapy.
  • X-ray inspections.
  • Fillings.
  • Endodontic procedures (root canal treatment).
  • Surgery (extraction, treatment of traumas).

Aesthetic dentistry services include:

  • Whitening.
  • Attachment of 'Swarovski' crystals to the surface of teeth.
  • Covering of teeth with composites.
  • Application of porcelain veneer to the surface of teeth.
  • Construction of prosthetics.
  • Construction of crowns/bridges.


Dentists - Ieva Novika

                   Ieva Bērziņa

Dental hygienists - Evija Sapožkova

                                    Ance Spiģere

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Ieva  Breca (ex Bērziņa)
Ieva Breca (ex Bērziņa)
Dentist / Dental prosthetist
Ance Fokerote
Ance Fokerote
Dental hygienist