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Everybody would like a beautiful smile and healthy, well groomed teeth. The condition of our teeth reflects our overall health; thus regular oral examinations serve more than hygienic purposes. On a daily basis, dental hygiene is limited to brushing, rinsing and flossing. However, the professional dental hygienist has a wider, more effective range of oral care equipment, able to penetrate less-accessible regions and eradicate problems which regular, at-home dental care simply cannot do.

Our dental hygienist offers the following services:

  • The removal of gum tartar. 
  • The removal of soft plumage (combinations of food remains, saliva and microbes that can lead to tartar). 
  • Teeth polishing.
  • Professional flossing.
  • The covering of teeth surfaces with fluoride-based liquids.
  • Gum treatment.
  • Covering of the tooth neckline to reduce sensitivity.
  • The application of whitening gel.
  • Removal of dark pigments using soda.
  • Consultations.

Dental hygienists alone can identify the risks leading to potential further illnesses. There are a number of serious illnesses (cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc.) which can be indicated by the state of one's mouth and gums. Proper dental hygiene reduces the likelihood of the development of additional diseases: namely caries (the most common type of dental decay, which irreversibly damages the teeth's hard tissue), and gingivitis (gum inflammation). Left untreated, these can lead to periodonitis (teeth inflammation). Our Dental Hygienist can instruct on how proper dental care will minimize the risk of caries developing.

During an appointment, the hygienist will highlight potential risk areas and advise on oral care products. Most likely, an appointment with the dentist will also be encouraged. Upon detecting gum disease, the hygienist and dentist will work together to carry out further examinations and treatment, and will draw up individual care plans for each patient.

Allthough hygiene services are available at almost all dental institutions in Riga, good dental hygienists (who usually have long waiting lists) are much sought after. We at Adoria are proud that we have one of the best! Our hygienist uses state-of-the-art technology which instills patients with greater confidence during the work itself, and produces excellent results. One such machine is an ultrasonic scaler, designed to clean the surface of the teeth with a stream of soda or sand. It also removes coffee, tea, food-colouring and tobacco stains. It is a fast, safe and painless treatment that does not damage the enamel, but leaves it clean and smooth. Although widely used, results depend entirely on the quality of the equipment and the professionalism of the specialist. It is these types of dental hygienists that are so greatly appreciated in our city.

Professional dental hygiene treatment is required at least twice a year, and for brace-wearers 4 times. An appointment with a dental hygienist should be made before any important dental surgery. The cleaner the teeth, the better fillings will stay in place, and the greater the chances of identifying caries previously hidden under layers of dirt. A typical procedure takes between 40-60 minutes.

For increasingly popular tooth-decoration services, we would of course say:'Come to Adoria'! We use 'Swarovski' crystals which make your smile even more attractive. Embedding crystals does not require the drilling of the tooth, but rather the attaching of the crystal face to a composite. The procedure is without pain and takes about 15 minutes. As in other cases, a visit to the dental hygienist is recommended prior to such procedures. Crystals may be easily removed upon request without leaving marks on the tooth surface.

One of Adoria's main advantages is a city-centre location, which allows its clients to avail themselves of its dental hygiene services (both general and prosthetic) during a lunch-break, or on the way to or from work.

Dental hygienist - Ance Spiģere

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Ance Spiģere
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