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Frequently asked questions

Back pains are one of the most unpleasant complaints, and cannot be ignored. As soon as they arise, see a 
doctor immediately to determine their cause. When that has been done, you may book an appointment with a 
masseur. Massages are one of the most effective traditional therapies. If done correctly and professionaly,  
they can be used to cure many ailments and reduce tension (which is often a cause of other bodily pains). 
A massage is essentially the manipulation of muscle and tissue. During a massage, the flow of blood and 
tissue-liquids is improved, making one feel noticeably better. Massages can help reduce certain symptoms, 
by aiding the body to regenerate after a heavy strain has been put upon it through illness. They are also
beneficial for the immune system. Massages not only relax the body, but also the mind.

In cases like these, to ensure long-term quality, aesthetic appeal and functionality, an artificial crown
needs to be constructed. However, if the tooth has lost most if its tissue, a root inlay will be necessary.
This will be cemented into the root, ensuring retension with the laboratory-constructed crown. Adoria
produces several types of tooth crowns, including ones made of plastic, metalceramic and zirconium-ceramic.
Our dentists will carry out a thorough inspection and then draw up an individual therapy plan. They will 
also answer any quieries you may have.

Tooth tone is determined mainly by ones genes. However, pigmentations can also caused by one's daily eating, 
drinking and smoking habits, or by medication taken. Certain types of food and drink can permanently stain
teeth, so it is essential they are cared for regularly. If daily dental care is not producing the desired
result, one may wish to consider a pigmentation-removal procedure, followed by a whitening procedure. Many
still think whitening an unhealthy practice, but advances in modern medicine would dispel this belief. 
As long as intake of such things as coffee, wine, beetroot and vinegar is minimized, the effects of a
whitening procedure can last for many years.

When noticing a decorated tooth, people tend to ask themselves whether it is harmful or not. Our dentist,
Ieva Berzina, insists that this procedure is indeed completely HARMLESS. Each crystal is attached using a 
special substance, and drilling is not required. Furthermore, crystals can be removed without damaging the
tooth surface. The hygienic procedure carried out prior to the attachment itself, will make your accessory
stand out even more. One quickly accustomizes oneself to an implant, especially as it is hardly felt.
Demand from women for this procedure is increasing: especially at warmer times of year, when a beautiful is
perhaps even more important.

Adoria's specialists produce their own denture-moulds (trays) for use in their whitening procedures. These 
are made specifically for each client's needs, and both fit and fill well. They produce better results than
using whitening pastes only would. Simply fill with whitening gel and put them on! we recommend using the 
mould (tray) for 45-120 minutes once a week. After only a few weeks, the teeth will look noticeably whiter. 
Please contact our specialists if you wish to have a mould made for yourself. Note that the procedure may
sometimes lead to heightened tooth sensitity.

Hydromassages are more than a simple massage, as they utilize utrasonic waves. Aided by the water, these 
waves stimulate the body's cells: improving health and immunity, and relieving stress, tension and exhaustion.
The metabolism is activated, cellulite is reduced. After longer periods of therapy, muslcle-tone increases,
which can aid the overcoming of illness. Hydromassages activate biochemical and physiological processes in
the body, strengthening and regenerating connective tissues and blood vessels, and reducing inflammation and 
discomfort. The procedure, and the unique bath it uses, help treat a number of medical complaints: traumas, 
sprains, breaks, and also issues with the ear, neck and nose . The bath is also used for cosmetological 
purposes: in tackling cellulite, stretch marks, excess weight and scars.