'Good health is worth more than the greatest of treasures'. (Latin proverb)

In order to look after our clients' well-being (and that of society!), we offer a wide choice of medical care services, ranging from profilactic tests to treatment of special cases. Our professional, experienced staff, advanced medical technology and comfortable, pleasantly-arranged treatment areas afford our clients a feeling of emotional security, as well as provide access to the full range of physical treatments available. We take a particular interest in our clients' psychological comfort, because this plays a vital role in getting the desired results.

A conscious, ongoing concern for one's health tends to lower the risks of future complications; hence we advise people to book check-ups at least once a year. Adoria provides professional consultations, diagnostic sessions and many different medical procedures, all of which ensure patients receive not only focussed help but a holistic, full cycle of treatment.

Having a family doctor is the first step to ensuring good health. Doctors have a range of important main tasks to fulfil: giving accurate information and appropriate education where necessary, improving the general public's health, the speedy diagnosis of problems and the choosing of the most effective courses of action. Adoria only employs highly-qualified doctors who maintain excellent communication with, and thus excellent care of, their clients and their families.

Family Doctor - Ārija Bušmane

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Dr. Arija Lace (ex. Busmane)
Dr. Arija Lace (ex. Busmane)
Family Doctor / Director / Medicated Ci-Gun