The body's well-being depends on a variety of factors. Stress, overworking, trauma and a number of internal processes can cause irregularities of movement, pain and unpleasant feelings. in some of these cases (working in cooperation with a specialist), physiotherapy and therapeutic excercise may be able to help.

The Adoria clinic provides a broad therapeutic excercise programme. Comfortable spaces and a relaxing environment will be at the patient's disposal. Professional consultations offering advice about optimizing quality of life are provided. Therapeutic excercises are done alongside a specialist who will create a personal care plan to fit each patient's needs. We also offer massages that envigorate the blood system, renew muscle functioning, improve the skin and have a positive effect on the body.

Masseuse - Sanda Dēliņa

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Sanda Dēliņa
Sanda Dēliņa