Vaccinations can protect against a host of illnesses one may come into contact with, and prevent otherwise serious consequences. Vaccines are one of the most effective forms of prevention, and cheaper than rehabilitation would be in the event of illness. Vaccinations eliminate (or reduce) the chances of infection, and lower the risks of children becoming sick.

At Adoria one can be given a vaccination, get information about its benefits and limitations, and have a personalized calandar of vaccinations drawn up. Vaccinations are given in comfortable rooms (cabinets), and using only the highest-quality, most-trusted vaccines on the market. We take especial care of children, to ensure unpleasant emotional or stress-related side effects are kept to a minimum.

Adoria administers compulsory, advisory and voluntary vaccines. State-funded vaccinations are specified and detailed under point 330 of our Health Minstry documentation - 'Vakcinacijas Noteikumi'. This lists all mandatory vaccinations, who can receive them, and in what order they should be given.

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