With the risks of women developing cervical cancer rising at the time, and because it caused one of the worst of all tumours, in 2010 a change in the law added cervical cancer vacciantions to the Latvian Immunization Programme. Cervical cancer is caused by the human papilova virus (HPV) infection, and studies show that it can be prevented by vaccination. In accordance with the 'vaccination calendar' (Health Ministry rule 330, aforementioned), state-funded vaccines are now to be given to all girls of 12 and over. For girls aged 12-14, two injections are sufficient to produce immunity. The second vaccine is carried out 5-7 months after the first. Other changes to the law regarding the 'vaccination calandar' were ratified by the Cabinet in 2015. For girls aged 15-18, three injections are now compulsory. Women above the age of 18 can also receive these vaccines, but the State will not pay for them.

Adoria is able to provide detailed information about HPV vaccines, female-specific vaccinations and, when necessary, ensure additional testing.

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