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Some say that every woman should have her own hairdresser, dentist and gynaecologist! Women tend to keep these same specialists over time, often becoming something like friends. Yet being a good gynaecologist means not only being an experienced professional, but also having the right attitude, and showing compassion for and interest in one's patients' well-being (regardless of age): from the first 'periods' to the menopause, and even later. A question often asked on social media and other popular forums is:'Who is the best gynaecologist in Riga?' This highlights the importance women give to finding a truly excellent specialist. There are many good specialists around the city but, in our opinion, Adoria's gynaecologist could indeed be that BEST one!

Our gynaecologist offers :

  • Check ups and investigations including womb and breast cancer checks (State-funded). To access these services, a letter from the N.V.D. will be required.

  • Gynecological illness diagnostics, treatments and prescriptions of medication.

  • Ultrasound investigations.

  • Procedures and medical manipulations to resolve gynecological complaints. 

  • Consultations about starting families,

    contraception and infertility.
  • Consultations concerning the reproductive system

    (all ages).

Our clinic has a modern gynaecologist's office with the latest equipment, allowing thorough and detailed investigations to be made. The gynaecologist always keeps a strict code of confidentiality with all her clients and patients. Adoria provides State-funded care for pregnant women, in line with Gynecological Association guidelines. Throughout a pregnancy, our gynaecologists and child-birth specialists - people who deliver babies almost every day - take good care of our mothers-to-be. We act as a team, and we care about both a mother's well-being and that of her unborn child!

In connection with pregnant women's health needs, Adoria offers:

  • Individual care, from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth, including several services adapted from our other programmes.

  • Every test necessary.

  • Extra examinations, as required.

  • The assistance of our other specialists should complications arise.

  • Massages.

  • A variety of consultations.

  • Post-natal care, provided by a gynaecologist.

One of the benefits of Adoria is its convenient location in the city centre. This means that our Riga gynaecologist is easily reachable, and can give help whenever the need arises. We are proud to say that our gynaecologist is among the highest-rated in Riga, being in great demand in the city and surrounding area. Our specialist is also available to women who live outside the capital in other regions of Latvia - but do remember to book in advance!


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