What Women Want in Autumn

2017. year 01. september

When Autumn is here in all its glory, women wish - as in all seasons - to feel beautiful, desirable and seductive. The damp weather tends to bring many unhappy moments, mainly in connection with facial skin  complaints: cold weather causing unwanted blemishes and spots, and the skin becomming dry and very sensitive. To protect themseves against changes in the weather, and give their skin a vitamin boost, ladies are recommended to use face masks: a pleasant procedure not only for the skin, but also the well-being. Adoria
offers free consultations with our cosmetic artist Sintija Kronberga, who is able to identify the best ways to comfort the face, and care for it correctly. Please note: this offer is usually for a limited period only!

Sintija Kronberga: 'Autumn not only makes its mark on a woman's wardrobe, but also encourages her to pay more  attention to her facial skin condition. In the Autumn, a woman's face comes into direct contact with colder temperatures and fluctuations in the microclimate, and as a result her skin becomes drier. That is why the moisturizing and regeneration of the skin is so important. To ensure facial skin remains smooth and healthy during the cold weather, a number of face masks and procedures are available for use'. 

Adoria offers a range of face mask treatments; all designed to ensure a healthy skin, but differing in  their specific effects. They are classified under the categories:'refreshing','curative/healing', 'nourishing', 'anti-wrinkle','vitamin-enriched' and so on. Our Cosmetologist would agree that facial masks 
are a beneficial procedure, helping to renew dry, weather-worn skin. Our masks have a positive effect upon the skin, attending to its moisturizing and nourishing, the bleaching of blotches, wrinkle straightening, colour correcting, rejuvinating and reducing pore size. Additionally, some massages can be beneficial in lymph-draining procedures. 

As already stated, Adoria's female visitors have the unique opportunity of taking advantage of our cosmetic  artist's complimentary consultations. During such a session, one can discover which product or treatment from the available range would be the most effective for replacing the skin's lost moisture. Ladies will also discover how they can make their skin look as beautiful in the Autumn as in the Spring!

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