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We are Expanding our Physiotherapy Service Range

Almost everyone who is working at a computer for prolonged periods on a daily basis has experienced unpleasant sensations at the neck and shoulder area – tightness and tension, and you just want to stand up straight and stretch out. Also the back feels uncomfortable often – when getting up of a chair you feel stiffness or even a pinch of some kind of pain. Experts would conclude that those are “the classic office worker disorders”. During the holidays, many of us prefer sports activities, but do we do it correctly and according to our fitness level? These are the questions that a Physiotherapist can help to solve, and therefore we are glad to announce that Physiotherapist Maris Locans (Māris Locāns) has joined the team of Physiotherapists of our health and beauty clinic Adoria. Let us introduce him!

The first time Maris met a Physiotherapist was during his school years when his back was injured while playing football. He developed interest into this profession, and after graduating the Secondary School he enrolled Riga Stradiņš University (RSU) Rehabilitation Faculty Physiotherapy Programme. He graduated RSU in 2013 and was awarded a certificate of the Latvian Association of Physiotherapists in 2016. Maris is specialised in physiotherapy, remedial massage with manual therapy elements and taping. Maris offers his consultations both to adults and children. He is constantly augmenting his competence and professional skills at various courses and workshops. Maris has mastered kinesiological massage that stimulates recovery on the basis of muscles interaction with other systems of the body. Several years Maris has worked with professional players of U-18 national hockey team and national Latvian hockey team, as well as has been the Physiotherapist of hockey clubs Rīga and Dinamo Rīga.

We are offering the following physiotherapy services at our clinic:

  • Physiotherapy

    – muscle-strengthening and stretching exercises aimed at strengthening health and improving the fitness level. That is a balanced complex of exercised aimed at different muscle groups according to the patient's needs.
  • Remedial massage

    – is used for different types of illnesses and has a favourable effect on the entire body as a whole. It is especially recommended for those having a sedentary work. Manual therapy methods are used during a massage in order to work on the deeper muscle groups and relive them from tension.
  • Taping

    – an efficient solution in case of muscle injuries for relieving pain, swelling, inflammation and general discomfort. A tape stabilises muscle tone, improves blood circulation and restores muscle functions. Taping is also used as an additional element in posture defect correction. A tape is a special self-adhesive band that is stuck on the body following a specific method. We are offering kinesiology taping (the tape band stretches into one direction, correcting the muscle tone and maintaining its stability) and dynamic taping (the tape band stretches to all directions, helps the muscle to perform all functions without restricting them). If the injury is not severe, applying a tape allows continuing physical activities almost immediately.
  • Postnatal exercises

    – for getting back into shape and recovering strength after giving birth to your baby. It is a specially developed set of exercises aimed at strengthening muscles, recovering toned and firm body. Additional focus is put on the pelvic muscles, abdominal, hip and leg muscles, as well as strengthening the back.
  • Physiotherapist consultations

    – solving different issues related to the musculoskeletal construction, disorders, in cases of injuries, etc. The consultations are recommended prior to taking up intense sports activities and as a preventive measure with the change of lifestyle that can affect the physical health.
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